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Book your Cottage, Bed and Breakfast and Suites in Guadeloupe

Guest house for adults only. 

Any booking with children under 16 will be immediately refunded minus bank charges

Louis Delgrès

Large bedroom with terrace and kitchen - garden and mountain view - jacuzzi - in a setting imbued with the contemporary atmosphere of a loft.

This room has been designed like a loft with a mix of contemporary and Art Deco design while exalting a certain modernity. The convergence between outside and inside is made even more harmonious by the two bay windows. Its bathroom with elegant neo-metro decor, thanks to its white earthenware, is enhanced with a 19th century mirror and is equipped with a walk-in shower and a toilet. The suspended terraces with kitchen and private spa/jacuzzi (2 lying places) allow you to take the luxury of time, without waiting.

King canopy double bed (180x200) memory foam mattress


35m2 + two private terraces of 25m2 and 15m2 garden view with private spa/jacuzzi - independent entrance

Rates according to the period, rental of 3 to 5 nights minimum, for 1 or 2 Adults from 150 € to 260 €. Gourmet and complete homemade breakfast included. Tourist tax of 0.80 cts per adult and per day in addition.

WHO IS LOUIS DELGRÈS ?                                                      Heritage and History of Guadeloupe

Nothing predestined this son of a civil servant of the King and a Martiniquaise, born in Saint-Pierre de la Martinique on April 02, 1766, to the destiny which was his. Nothing, if not this republican ideal that he had espoused in the depths of himself.

He was 13 when the Revolution broke out in France, 18 when he, born free, saw the first abolition of slavery. A surge of freedom that makes him want to put himself at the service of such a Republic and above all, to defend it against all those who threaten it.

He will do it against the English, main supporters of the royalists who want to fight the Republic and its principles.

On May 6, the decision was made to do everything to resist Napoleon's emissaries.

On May 10, he wrote the declaration that we summarize today by saying "Live free or die" but which underlines first of all about Bonaparte and Richepance that "there are men unfortunately too powerful by their remoteness of the authority from which they emanate, who do not want to see black men, or drawing their origin from this color, except in the irons of Slavery"

For Louis Delgrès, Guadeloupeans must understand that "since the system of a slow death in the dungeons continues to be followed, well! We choose to die more quickly."

When Richepance's soldiers arrived, Delgrès and Ignace organized the resistance at Fort Saint Charles (Fort Delgrès today). But, despite a slowdown in their progress, Richepance and his men are gaining ground. And the Guadeloupe fighters are pushed to their last entrenchments, Baimbridge for Ignace, Matouba for Delgrès.

The 300 men who remained around him weighed little compared to Richepance's 1800 soldiers. But they are particularly determined. They will give their opponents a hard time.

But Delgrès knows that the fight is lost. He then proposes to his soldiers to go through with the commitment they had made together "Live free or die"... They then install barrels of powder around them and await the arrival of the soldiers. French to blow them up to take a few more with them in death.


On May 28, 1802, Louis Delgrès, colonel of the French army who was assigned to the protection of Guadeloupe and responsible for defending it against the great Western powers, chose to kill himself rather than accept to see this population reduced. back into slavery.

An act that has forever made him the hero of Guadeloupe.

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