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Present on five continents in more than 60 countries, the Clef Verte / Green Key tourism ecolabel is the first international sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants. 


Hotels, campsites, lodges, furnished tourist accommodation, guest rooms, tourist residences, villages and holiday centers, youth hostels, restaurants, are committed to an efficient environmental approach with the aim of constantly evolving towards the best practices recommended by the Green Key ecolabel.

Developed in France since 1998, the Green Key label is, in terms of the number of labeled establishments and its history, the first eco-label for tourist establishments in France.


Implementation of an environmental policy and a socially responsible approach, intelligent waste management (reduction at source, collection and recycling), control of energy and water consumption, responsible purchasing (particularly for food and maintenance), active customer awareness: these are all criteria of the Green Key label which are taken into account by the labeled establishments.

The labeling process provides for regular audits and the collection of evidence to attest to the seriousness of the establishments' approach.

The green Key team is present all year round with stakeholders in the tourism industry to support them, exchange good practices and advise them, in order to enable the development of sustainable, ecologically virtuous and socially responsible tourism in France.


The Green Key label is a guarantee of seriousness. It certifies that the environmental approach of tourist accommodation meets more than a hundred criteria in all areas of sustainable tourism management. These criteria allow establishments to reduce their environmental impact and commit to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Mandatory criteria

Around sixty Imperative Criteria constitute the quality base of the label, while the Recommended Criteria (Essential or Optional) facilitate the commitment of establishments to a process of continuous improvement of their environmental and social management, one of the specificities of the Clef Verte label !

The criteria cover different fields of environmental management: environmental awareness, environmental policy, flow management (water and energy), waste management, responsible purchasing and living environment. The jury requests monitoring of the evolution and improvements of the candidates and winners.

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Examples of mandatory criteria :

  • Controlling the start-up of air conditioners and limiting the operating temperature

  • Monthly monitoring of energy consumption

  • Elimination of halogen lamps and 75% minimum of LED bulbs

  • Limitation of exterior lighting

  • Dissemination of eco-gestures encouraging customers to save water and energy and to sort waste appropriately

  • Cleaning of sheets and towels only on request

  • Sanitation system to the latest standards

  • Monthly monitoring of water consumption

  • Ecocert or European Ecolabel eco-labeled cleaning products

  • Conservation of products with retention system to avoid any environmental pollution

  • Faucet flow rates less than 8L/min and shower flow rates less than 9L/min

  • Dual flush toilet, one of which is less than 6L

  • Waste separation

  • Composting organic waste

  • Elimination of disposable tableware

  • Offering filtered water to customers

  • Food or drink products that are organic, eco-labelled, produced locally with respect for the environment and/or from fair trade

  • Hand towels, toilet paper and, where applicable, napkins are made from non-chlorinated material and/or carry an ecological label.

  • Smoking is prohibited in at least 75% of rooms/rentals.

  • Ban on pesticides (insecticides, herbicides) and chemical fertilizers



CLEFVERTE - GREENKEY 2023 certificate


CLEFVERTE - GREENKEY 2024 certificate
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