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Death in Paradise - Meurtres au Paradis : Filming

The Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour, filming locations for Death in Paradise series.

Death in Paradise is British-French detective television series created by Robert Thorogood. 

It is entirely filmed in Guadeloupe, on the Côte-sous-le-vent and mainly in the town of Deshaies.

It has been broadcast since 2011 in the United Kingdom on BBC One and since 2013 in France on France 2 et France Ô. 

Season 7 Episode 6

"Meditated in Murder"was shot entirely on property. For this episode the property changes its name to "Spiritual Center of Soothing Breath".

It was broadcast on February 8, 2018 on BBC1, June 16, 2018 on RTS1 (Switzerland) and September 10, 2018 on France 2.


With: Ardal O'Hanlon, Danny John-Jules, Joséphine Jobert, Tobi Bakare, Elizabeth Bourgine, Sam Hoare, Katy Wix, Zoe Boyle

"A murder has just been committed at the Spiritual Center of the Soothing Breath. The corpse of the founder, Daniel Friend, lies on the lawn of the garden of contemplation. His neck bears signs of strangulation. According to the first indications, he was strangled with a belt from the center. A key is found under his body. Excavations are undertaken on the property. A metal box is found underground. The key opens it…" ​

Shooting pictures
Season 6 Episode 2

The Secret of the Flame Tree"was filmed in the property. For this episode the property is the site of a literary festival.

It was broadcast on January 12, 2017 on BBC1, June 16, 2018 on RTS1 (Switzerland) and June 5, 2017 on France 2.


Starring: Kris Marshall, Fiona Allen, Josephine Jobert, Danny John-Jules, Tobi Bakare, Kemi-Bo Jacobs, Ramon Tikaram, Monica Dolan

"During a literary festival, a childhood friend of Sergeant Florence Cassel is found dead at the foot of a cliff. She is at the heart of the novel that made Sylvie Baptiste, the host of the festival famous. clue, a farewell note found in the victim's bag..."

Shooting pictures
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