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Cancellation insurance

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Book with peace of mind, Meetch your travel cancellation insurance

Benefit from simple, innovative, tailor-made cancellation insurance, with no excess, designed to reimburse. A response within 24 hours and a guaranteed refund within 48 hours. Covers cancellations, late arrivals and interrupted stays. Online refund request in less than a minute. 100% refund with no excess.

Meetch cancellation guarantee

All the reasons for cancellation listed below will enable you, if necessary, to request a full refund - within 48 hours - of your deposit and/or penalties.


COVID-related reasons for cancellation


HEALTH-related reasons for cancellation

Illness and Hospitalization of the Insured from Covid-19
Illness and Hospitalization of a relative of the Insured from Covid-19
Death of the insured from Covid-19
Death of a relative of the Insured from Covid-19
Positive PCR test
Denial of boarding due to a temperature reading
Covid-19 contact case

Illness, Accident or Hospitalization of the Insured
Illness, Accident or Hospitalization of a Relative
Death of the Insured
Death of a Relative of the Insured
Vaccine contraindication
Convocation for In-Vitro Fertilization


PROFESSIONAL-related reasons for cancellation


PERSONAL-related reasons for cancellation

Cancellation of a business meeting
Layoff of the Insured or his/her spouse
Obtainment of a job
Time off changed by the employer
Job Transfer

Pregnancy complication
Convocation for an adoption
Cancellation for Separation, Divorce or Breakup
Accident/Breakdown of your transportation during the pre-transit stage
Accident or breakdown of your vehicle
Serious damage to Residence
Theft of identity papers
Refusal of a tourist visa


Other reasons for cancellation

Transportation strike
Attacks, Acts of Terrorism, Riots, Contamination or Epidemics occurring in France
Other random event

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