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Le Cottage - Solitude




By night

Bedroom :

People: 2

Bed: 1 King size 180cm / 5.90ft

Mattress: shape memory

Size: 45m2 / 148ft2

Terrace: 25m2 / 82ft2

More info :

Ecolodge, a real kaz kreyole with a large bedroom, a living room and a kitchen designed as one would imagine a private residence - sea and garden view - private salt pool.


This large room, a real “kaz kreyole” was designed like a cocoon, far from view. Intimacy prevails, it is privilege of suspended time. Favorite room, welcomeIn an interior made entirely of wood, where happiness is found in the details. The living room is like a refuge where time stops and the mind awakens with a book in hand in one of the 50s armchairs. Its bathroom, made of a graphic colorama;bichromatic and wood, is equipped a walk-in shower and a toilet. The large gallery terrace with fully equipped kitchen and dining area opens onto the mini swimming pool and its wakapou deck where the desire to stay becomes irresistible. 

Comfort :

private mini-pool

Private mini pool

Breakfast included

Breakfast included

Air conditioner

Controlled air conditioning

mosquito net

Mosquito net

free-wifi 100Mb

Free WiFi 100Mb

safe for PC

Computer safe


Equipped kitchen

Washing machine

Washing machine

bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker


Nespresso ©




Italian shower

organic shower gel

Organic almond shower gel

organic cotton towels

Orgnic cotton towels

hair dryer

hair dryer

Snorkeling kit

Snorkeling kit

free parking

Free indoor parking

eco-labeled room

Eco-labeled room

Terms :

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WHO IS SOLITUDE ?  -  Heritage and History of Guadeloupe

Born around 1772, Rosalie nicknamed the "mulatto Solitude" is the daughter of Bayangumay, an African slave, raped by a sailor on the boat that deported her to the West Indies.

She is a historical and emblematic figure of the resistance of Guadeloupean slaves. This term "mulatto" recalls her mixed origins. Solitude is separated from her mother when a colonist notices that she has fair skin and eyes; he made her a servant, a higher category in the hierarchy of slaves. She experienced the abolition of slavery in 1794 and joined a maroon community in Guadeloupe. A "brown" was the name given to a runaway slave. She fits into this community, which is located in Goyave and led by the Moudongue Sanga. When, by the law on the slave trade and the regime of the colonies of May 20, 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte reestablished slavery in the colonies, Solitude, then three months pregnant, rallied to the call for resistance of Louis Delgrès. of May 10, 1802, and fought alongside him for freedom. General Antoine Richepance, at the head of 3,500 men, received the mission of Napoleon Bonaparte to restore Lacrosse to his position as captain-general, to disarm all the soldiers of color, to deport the rebel officers and to restore discipline at home. former slaves. After several days of fighting, the colonial forces cornered three hundred resistance fighters in the fortified Anglemont habitation in Matouba. All hope lost, on May 28, Delgrès and his companions committed suicide with explosives. The survivors are executed.

Arrested, Solitude is sentenced to death and imprisoned. She was hanged the day after her delivery, November 29, 1802.

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