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Album cover toksik @ habitation Samana Beausejour
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(A: Lorenz, Matieu White / C: Laconi)

Réalisation : Jima Kanor

Opérateur Movi : Manuelito

Assistants : Axel Jacob

MoviesShoot MUA : Audrey

L'Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour, filming location for Lorenz X Matieu White's "Toksik" video clip.

Silence on the set at Habitation Samana Beauséjour!

We're delighted to share one of our latest news items with you. Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour, Luxury Guesthouse was chosen as the location for the video clip for the track "Toksik" by Lorenz and Matieu White.

Located in the heart of lush landscapes and steeped in history, the house offered an authentic and enchanting setting for this artistic project in Guadeloupe.


The choice of this unique location reflects the importance of natural and cultural aesthetics in the making of this clip. The panoramic views, verdant vegetation and traditional architecture of the Habitation Samana Beauséjour created a rich visual atmosphere, bringing singular depth and beauty to the "Toksik" clip.


We are honored to have been able to welcome Lorenz and Matieu White, and to see our site highlighted in a work that combines music and visuals with such talent.

It also underlines our commitment to preserving and promoting our heritage while supporting cultural and artistic initiatives.

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