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OUR CSR APPROACH  (Social & Environmental Responsibility) 

The Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour supports the Pointe-Noire Audiovisual BTS

The Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour had the pleasure of contributing to the students of the BTS Audiovisuel de Pointe-Noire, class of 2022.

In search of a place emblematic of Caribbean culture in order to make their final short film "La Maison d'Hôtes", the students of the BTS Audiovisuel were able to shoot, during tree days, most of the scenes necessary  to create their film. A happy coincidence; the theme is illegal immigration to the West Indies and the protagonists are taken in by the owner of a guest house!

These three days were rich in exchanges and the Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour is particularly happy to have opened its doors to this very beautiful project.

Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour official partner of Mister Royal Guadeloupe

We are very proud to have been asked, in 2021, by the Mister Royal Guadeloupe Committee, which was looking for an exceptional and emblematic place of Caribbean culture and architecture, in order to organize the very first day of integration of candidates for this competition.

We are now official partners of this Guadeloupean event, which showcases elegance and masculine know-how and whose key moment is the election gala evening taking place at the end of August.

The winner of the evening will thus compete in the national election Mister France and will thus represent our beautiful archipelago in the election organized in France.

The Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour follows the path of the candidates and supports them during their two months of "reality TV" adventure in the form of fun, sports and media outings throughout Guadeloupe, its outbuildings and its tourist sites.

The integration day organized with us at the beginning of June is always a joyful moment and rich in exchanges with all the competitors...

Long live Mister Guadeloupe!

partenaire officiel MISTER GUADELOUPE

L'Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour eco-responsible guest house in Guadeloupe

The 162.000 square feet estate overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the city of Pointe-Noire to the west, and the mountains and the Guadeloupe National Park to the east.

It is as if placed on the hill at an altitude of 985 feet, giving you a 360 ° view.

We want the Habitation Caféière Samana Beauséjour estate to develop while respecting nature. We are, in fact, in the transition zone of the Guadeloupe Archipelago Biosphere Reserve, at the limit of the buffer zone corresponding to protected territories. Guadeloupe National Park being its central area with 22,144 hectares.

This reserve was designated by UNESCO in 1992. It is a worldwide recognition for a territory endowed with high quality ecosystems.

Guesthouse en Guadeloupe-limite du parc national

Habitation Samana Beauséjour certified CLEF VERTE / GREEN KEY - 2023 AND 2024 !

We are very proud to be awarded the CLEF VERTE - GREEN KEY 2023 label!


Clef Verte is the first sustainable tourism label for accommodation recognising, through its unique logo, establishments committed to a continuous and progressive sustainable tourism approach.

An internationally recognised award in 61 countries.

The criteria for the Green Key label are established at international level by the Foundation for Environmental Education and reviewed every 4 years to take into account technological progress and environmental issues.


The Green Key label is a guarantee of seriousness. It certifies that the environmental approach of the tourist accommodation meets more than a hundred criteria in all areas of sustainable tourism management. These criteria allow establishments to reduce their environmental impact and to commit to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Find out more about the origin and operation of the Green Key label around the world at:

Our ecological approach in Guadeloupe


All sanitation has been reviewed according to the highest standards in order to comply with new standards and our environmental values. The property is equipped with two mini treatment plants which treat all the wastewater to obtain recycled water, which is over 96% pure.



The city's water, stored in a buffer tank, is filtered with activated carbon and UV treated to meet the strictest standards.


In order to minimize our carbon footprint and plastic waste, we have just installed a reverse osmosis unit that filters water to 0.0001 micron (or 1 millionth of a millimeter). A red blood cell is 7 microns in size, a virus between 0.01 and 0.03 microns.

This filtration power eliminates viruses, bacteria, pesticides and insecticides (including chlordecone and glyphosate), hormones, microplastics, heavy metals, endocrine disruptors.

The water is therefore 99.99% pure and there is no need for water packs.

This water is provided free of charge to all our customers in glass bottles in order to respect the environment.



The entire estate has a double network of water, a city water and  a rainwater recovery.

The rainwater, stored in tanks, is filtered at 5 microns and then with activated carbon and feeds all the toilets (restrooms) and washing machines on the property.

It is also used to water the garden.



We compost all waste that can be composted and provide our customers with bins in order to sort waste by type: glass, plastic, metal, cardboard and paper.

These sorting actions have enabled us to significantly reduce the so-called “all-rounder” volume: A garbage bag of less 50 liters per week!



We have started to replant rare species of fruit trees, such as chadek, apple cinnamon, soursop, cachiment, lemon trees, as well as more common ones, such as coffee, cocoa, avocados and vanilla.


The next investments that will be made will significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels (coal and biomass power station Albioma and EDF gas power station). Solar panels will be installed to absorb most of our daytime electricity consumption.

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